I lead a team of data, analytics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)professionals. As part of 电竞竞猜外围 ’s advanced digital engineering practice, we help clients use data to make better decisions.

Geospatial data and geospatial technologies have the ability to transform our industry, but knowing where and how to apply them is key. My career has given me practical insights into this. Over 20 years, I have worked at Transport for London, the Environment Agency, KBR and BT.

The work we do is at the leading edge of what digital makes possible-a fact recognised in several awards. We won the Management Consultancies Association innovation award for our Croydon Dashboard , a web-based tool to easily visualise, monitor and manage a complex five-year regeneration programme. We also won analytics project of the year at the National Technology Awards for our Wessex Workbank , giving Network Rail a single, consolidated work bank to avoid work clashes and duplicated effort.

I was an early recipient of the CGeog(GIS) chartership for myGIS work from the Royal Geographic Society. I have advised the UK Government’s Geospatial Commission, and am a chartership assessor for the Royal Geographic Society and sit on their professional advisory panel. For my work with academia I was made an Honorary Professor at University College London. I sit on numerous academic advisory boards from University College London to the Centre forDoctoral Training for Geospatial Systems at Newcastle and Nottingham Universities and currently Chairing the Trailblazer Group to create a new Spatial Analyst Apprenticeship in the UK