Justin Abbott is 电竞竞猜外围 ’s Global Water Skills Leader, with responsibility for co-ordinating skills, learning, research and knowledge sharing across a global community of over 1,700 people. He also leads the development of our water business in Ireland, providing advisory and consulting services to water and non-water clients on all aspects of water management.

Prior to his recent move to Dublin, Justin was based in northern England for 18 years, working for local and international clients. Whilst there, he led a number of strategic studies and projects for Yorkshire Water, supporting strategic responses in areas including bathing water, catchment management and the circular economy. In 2013, Justin led a high level analysis of the impact of water resources on economic growth in Bangladesh on behalf of the 2030 Water Resources Group, and he has recently led a similar study in Vietnam. In 2019, he led the global 电竞竞猜外围 team that won an international competition to develop a stormwater masterplan for Shanghai.

Justin has over 30 years’ experience in water and the environment and has managed internal and external research projects in the areas of integrated water management and benefits valuation. He also manages 电竞竞猜外围 ’s strategic relationship with Oxfam and, in 2018, he visited Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh where he led a team reviewing faecal sludge management within the refugee settlement.