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AODA Policy

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (“AODA”) requires public and private sector organizations to comply with mandatory standards that remove and prevent barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities. AODA is the law, and the province is enforcing accessibility standards.

This Accessibility Policy and Plan applies to all employees, contractors/sub-contractors and third parties conducting work on behalf of 电竞竞猜外围 .

It is 电竞竞猜外围 ’s objective to create and provide an environment of mutual respect in which all persons who access our facilities, goods and services can do so irrespective of any disability they may have.

This policy and plan is created in accordance with the AODA and outlines the policies and actions that 电竞竞猜外围 is undertaking to improve opportunities for people with disabilities, and incorporates the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion program.

Download a copy of the AODA Policy and Plan

电竞竞猜外围 Business Integrity Code of Practice

This Business Integrity Code of Practice is a combination of rules and guidance for behaviour and action. It seeks to address key regulatory and other important requirements impacting 电竞竞猜外围 ’s business.

In addition to providing guidance on matters of ethics (such as whether to accept gifts and hospitality), the Business Integrity Code of Practice sets our expectations in respect of fraud, bribery & corruption, sanctions, privacy & data protection, cyber security, conflicts of interest, confidentiality and other matters.

Download the code of practice


The Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Regulations 1998

Company registration

Registration information

电竞竞猜外围 Group Limited
Registered in England Number 1312454
8 Fitzroy Street London W1T 4BJ

电竞竞猜外围 Group Limited
AAC, Inc.
Acorn Technology Systems Inc.
Artus Air Limited
电竞竞猜外围 (Cambodia) Limited
电竞竞猜外围 (Mauritius) Ltd
电竞竞猜外围 (Pty) Ltd
电竞竞猜外围 Advisory HK Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Advisory Sdn. Bhd.
电竞竞猜外围 Advisory, Inc.
电竞竞猜外围 Americas Inc.
电竞竞猜外围 Architecture US, Inc.
电竞竞猜外围 Associates Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Australia Advisory & Digital Pty Ltd
电竞竞猜外围 Australia IP Pty Ltd
电竞竞猜外围 Australia Projects Pty Ltd
电竞竞猜外围 Australia Pty Ltd
电竞竞猜外围 Australia Services Pty Ltd
电竞竞猜外围 B.V.
电竞竞猜外围 Brasil Consultoria Ltda.
电竞竞猜外围 Business Services HK Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Canada Inc.
电竞竞猜外围 China Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Colombia S.A.S.
电竞竞猜外围 Consultores Internacionales México S. de R.L. de C.V.
电竞竞猜外围 Corporate Finance Limited
电竞竞猜外围 d.o.o. Beograd (Vracar)
电竞竞猜外围 Deutschland GmbH
电竞竞猜外围 East Africa Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Gulf Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Hong Kong Limited
电竞竞猜外围 India Private Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Ingeniería y Consultoría México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
电竞竞猜外围 International Consultants (Shanghai) Co. Limited
电竞竞猜外围 International Projects Limited
电竞竞猜外围 IP Limited
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电竞竞猜外围 Ireland Partner Limited
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电竞竞猜外围 Jururunding Sdn. Bhd.
电竞竞猜外围 Latin America, S.A.
电竞竞猜外围 Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Macau Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Maldives Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Mühendislik ve Müşavirlik Limited Şirketi
电竞竞猜外围 New Zealand Limited
电竞竞猜外围 North America Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Partner Pty Limited
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电竞竞猜外围 Polska sp. z o.o.
电竞竞猜外围 Projects A Pty Ltd
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电竞竞猜外围 Services New York Limited
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电竞竞猜外围 Technology Solutions US, Inc.
电竞竞猜外围 Texas, Inc.
电竞竞猜外围 Treasury Limited
电竞竞猜外围 US, Inc.
电竞竞猜外围 USA, Inc.
电竞竞猜外围 Vietnam Limited
电竞竞猜外围 Zimbabwe (Private) Limited
Broomco (141) GmbH
Broomco (92854) Limited
Compagnie Transaction Commerciale & Immobiliere Limitee
eFleet Integrated Service Limited
Fitzroy Comp, Inc.
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Helix RE, Inc.
MailManager Limited
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Ovarpart Nominee Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners Danmark A/S
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners Hong Kong Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners International Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners Ireland Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners Japan Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners Korea Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners Scotland Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners, P.C.
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners, S.A.
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 (Thailand) Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 Holdings B.V.
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 Holdings IP Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 Holdings Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 Holdings Private Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 India Holdings Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 International (Holdings) Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 Limited
Ove 电竞竞猜外围 Ventures Limited
PT 电竞竞猜外围 Indonesia
PT Rekacipta Kinematika
Redcliffe Wharf Limited
Scotstoun Property Limited
Shelbourne Plaza (Block C) Management Company Limited

EEO and Affirmative Action Statement

These are our statements of 电竞竞猜外围 ’s commitment to transparent, non-discriminatory employment and the initiatives we are taking to support members of disadvantaged groups in the US.

Download the statement

Fraudulent use of the 电竞竞猜外围 name

We are asking suppliers and partners around the globe to be alert to fraudulent activities such as invoice or “purchase order” fraud.

Criminals have used the 电竞竞猜外围 name to secure goods from unsuspecting companies who believe they are dealing with us.

Always double-check the identity of people making enquiries using the 电竞竞猜外围 name and if you have any doubts please contact [email protected] .

If you believe you have been the victim of fraud you should contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Modern slavery is the recruitment, movement, harbouring or receiving of children, women or men through the use of force, coercion, abuse of vulnerability, deception or other means for the purpose of exploitation.

This is the modern slavery and human trafficking statement of 电竞竞猜外围 Group Limited and its subsidiaries (‘电竞竞猜外围 ’) for the financial year ending 31 March 2022 and will remain current until end of September 2023, by which time a new Modern Slavery Statement will have been developed and communicated.

  Download a copy of the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Privacy notice

Please read this privacy notice carefully as it sets out how Ove 电竞竞猜外围 & Partners International Limited and its group companies (“电竞竞猜外围 ”) use your personal information. We may change this privacy notice from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure you are happy with any changes.

    电竞竞猜外围 .com

    What information do we collect?

    When you use this website, please bear in mind that we may collect the following information:

    • the areas of the website that you visit

    • information about your computer, such as which browser you are using, your network location, the type of connection you are using (e.g. broadband, ADSL etc) and your IP address

    We do this by using cookies, which are small files that help us track how our visitors use the website and enable us to understand where we can improve your experience. If you would like to find out which cookies we use and the information they track see our Cookies notice .

    We may also collect personal information from telephone calls and/or other correspondence with you.

    What do we do with the information we collect?

    The information we capture is used for various purposes. The main purpose is to use the information captured to provide you with the website and our services (whether available via the website or offline). We also use the information for:

    • website development

    • understanding how our visitors interact on the website

    • understanding what our clients are interested in

    • understanding what potential clients are interested in

    • dealing with enquiries/concerns

    • marketing our services and people to you

    • market research

    • service development

    • internal record keeping


    What information do we collect?

    When you sign up for any marketing, we will collect the following information about you:

    • Your contact details – name and email address
    • Your location – city, state and country
    • The company you work for and your job title
    • Your content and language preferences
    • Behaviour – content consumption, email opens/clicks, event attendance.

    We collect this information where we have an existing business relationship with you, where you have given your consent, or updated your subscription preferences, indicating that you would like to receive marketing communications from us.

    Our marketing platform observes and records interactions with our email communications, as well as attendance of 电竞竞猜外围 events or webinars. This behavioural information is recorded in an individual’s activity log which is retained in line with international privacy regulations.

    The information we capture is used to better understand your interests and help improve the quality and relevance of our marketing and communications. We also use cookies which record information to improve your experience, for example by prefilling details on a form to prevent you from having to re-enter information multiple times. You can read more about how 电竞竞猜外围 uses cookies on our website here.

    What is our legal basis for collecting your personal information?

    It is in our legitimate interest to use your personal information for marketing purposes.

    What do we do with the information we collect?

    The information we collect is used to provide you with information about 电竞竞猜外围 ’s services and other information in line with your chosen preferences.

    We will provide you with information about 电竞竞猜外围 's services and other information in line with your chosen preferences.

    We will not provide your personal information to external organisations outside of 电竞竞猜外围 for marketing purposes.

    If at any time you do not want your information used for direct marketing purposes please unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of an email or contact us at [email protected] .

    Under the California Consumer Privacy Act, California residents have the right to request information about personal data that 电竞竞猜外围 has collected from you, and to opt out from commercial transactions of that data. Those residents may contact us at [email protected] or dial +1 833 814 2630.

    Under the Polish Data Protection Law, individuals have the right to request information about personal data that 电竞竞猜外围 has collected, and to opt out from commercial transactions of that data. Those individuals may contact 电竞竞猜外围 Poland GDPR Inspector Monika Remiszewska at [email protected] or +48 22 455 46 19

    Who do we share this information with?

    As we are a global company, with offices spread across the world, we may need to share your personal information with our group companies in different countries. However, we are very mindful of data protection laws in each country. This means that whatever country you are based in, we handle your personal information in line with that country’s data protection requirements.

    We may share your personal information with companies acting on our behalf who will only use the information to provide that service. However, we will retain control of your data and any third-party service provider that we use must act in accordance with our instructions. We may also share your personal information with a purchaser or potential purchaser of our business.

    In some circumstances, we may have to disclose your personal information by law, because a court or the police or other law enforcement agency has asked us for it.

    How to get copies of or amend the information we have collected

    You may request details of the personal information that we hold about you under data protection laws. If you would like a copy of the information held about you for marketing please write to us at [email protected] .

    For a copy of all other information we may hold about you please write to us at [email protected] or at: Data Privacy Manager, 电竞竞猜外围 , 8 Fitzroy Street, London, UK, W1T 4BQ. If you think any information we have about you is incorrect or incomplete, please email us as soon as possible. We will correct or update any information as soon as we can.


    We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect, including locked cabinets, electronic password protection and pass card access to buildings.

    If at any point you suspect or receive a suspicious communication from someone suggesting they work for 电竞竞猜外围 or a website claiming to be affiliated with 电竞竞猜外围 , please forward the communication to us or report the incident by email to [email protected]  or in writing to Cyber Security Incident Response Team, 电竞竞猜外围 , 8 Fitzroy Street, London, UK, W1T 4BQ as soon as possible.

    Linking to other websites

    Our website or marketing email messages sometimes include links to other websites which are not within our control. Once you have left our website or email, we cannot be held responsible for the content of other websites or the protection and privacy of any information which you provide to those websites. You should exercise caution and look at the privacy statement applicable to the website in question. 

    Privacy notice for potential recruits

    Privacy Statement

    In accordance with our Group Policy on Ethical Conduct, we will implement systems that support our duty of confidentiality and respect privacy in our business relationships.

    The firm protects the privacy of individuals (our employees and third parties) when handling any personal information and sees that the firm is compliant, as far as reasonably practicable, with relevant data protection and privacy laws by adhering to the following principles:

    • Being transparent about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information;

    • Collecting and using personal information fairly and lawfully;

    • Only collecting personal information that is required and only keeping it for as long as is necessary;

    • Keeping personal information accurate and up to date;

    • Respecting the privacy rights of individuals granted by privacy laws; 

    • Keeping personal information secure.


    We are committed to keeping abreast of all applicable data protection/privacy laws of the jurisdictions in which we operate.

    Appropriate training and support is provided to see that all personnel are aware of the obligations set out in this statement, and follow the firm’s data protection procedures when handling the personal information of others.

    Relevant security procedures are in place and guidance issued to staff explaining their data protection and security obligations.

    When sharing personal information with third parties, we do so only where necessary and seek assurances that the third party has adequate security procedures in place to protect such information.

    Clear processes are in place for individuals to raise concerns about how the firm processes their personal information and for resolving any such concerns.

    Our privacy notices are clear, accessible and give sufficient information about how we use and share personal information and where personal information can be updated or corrected.

    Personal information no longer needed for its original business purpose is deleted/destroyed in accordance with our retention and destruction procedures, unless we have a legal obligation to retain personal information for a certain period.

    Personal information is only transferred outside jurisdiction to other Group companies in accordance with relevant legal requirements


    This statement is made on behalf of the Group Board in line with the Policies that it sets and is implemented across all 电竞竞猜外围 operations through rules, procedures and guidance.

    It is reviewed and approved annually, or more frequently where appropriate.

    Download a copy of the Privacy Statement

    Quality policy

    Mission: To shape a better world.
    Objectives: To deliver this, the firm aims to:

    • meet the needs of its clients by providing services of recognised value
    • seek continued enhancement of its performance through improved processes
    • create conditions where people of high ability are attracted to work in the firm
    • achieve local delivery of the firm’s global knowledge and skills, through the provision of networks, supported by appropriate training and facilities
    • maintain honour and mutual respect in relationships with clients, members of the firm and collaborators
    • operating within a management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001.

    In meeting these objectives, the firm will:

    • deliver projects which are recognised for their quality
    • provide opportunities for staff to develop rewarding careers
    • achieve a performance which will sustain the long-term success of the business
    • this will result in the firm being known for the excellence and creativity of all that it does for clients and for society at large. 

    Speak Up Procedure (Whistleblowers)

    We are committed to a culture of transparency. Our Speak Up Procedure represents a mechanism for sharing your concerns about the business' or an individual's behaviour. You may have the option to make anonymous contact, although this may be subject to local laws.

    For more information and to make a disclosure, please open the full Speak Up Procedure and follow the links contained.

    Download Speak Up Procedure

    Tax strategy

    Tax Strategy (March 2022)


    电竞竞猜外围 ’s tax strategy aligns to the aims set down by our Founder, Sir Ove 电竞竞猜外围 . These values are fundamental to the way we operate.

    We recognise that paying and collecting taxes arising from our activities is an important part of how our business contributes to the communities in which we operate.

    The strategy is published pursuant to Schedule 19 of the UK Finance Act 2016.

    Tax management

    The Global CFO has overall responsibility for all tax matters with the day to day management of our tax aspects delegated to our internal Tax function. The approach to managing tax is to be integral to the wider business whilst ensuring we remain compliant with all relevant laws in the countries in which we operate.

    There are two key areas in which the strategy is delivered:

    1. Tax compliance
      In delivering the 电竞竞猜外围 ’s tax compliance requirements, we aim to pay the right amount of tax when it becomes payable. We disclose to tax authorities, in a timely manner, any underpayments or inadvertent errors/omissions in tax returns.
    2. Tax planning
      We aim to be an ethical corporate citizen and pay tax in the right way. The attitude to tax planning is guided by 电竞竞猜外围 ’s core values, which result in avoiding aggressive interpretation of tax laws. Where relevant, we utilise legitimate tax incentives offered by governments provided they align in substance with our commercial activities.

    Use of external advisers

    电竞竞猜外围 uses external advisers to provide tax technical expertise and additional resources based on an assessment of risk and requirements.

    Relationship with tax authorities

    The Tax function manages the relationships with tax authorities, and we are committed to being transparent and proactive in our dealings with the authorities. We seek to resolve issues with tax authorities in an open, collaborative and professional manner.

    电竞竞猜外围 UK Pension Scheme

    Statement of investment principles

    The Trustees of the 电竞竞猜外围 UK Pension Scheme (the “Scheme”) have prepared this Statement of Investment Principles (the “Statement”) in accordance with Section 35 of the Pensions Act 1995 (as amended by the Pensions Act 2004, and the Occupational Pension Schemes (Investment) Regulations 2005). The Trustees will review this Statement and the Scheme’s investment strategy annually from the effective date of this Statement and without delay after any significant change in the investment policy.

    Download the Statement of Investment Principles

    Annual Engagement Policy Implementation Statement

    This statement sets out how, and the extent to which, the Engagement Policy in the Statement of Investment Principles (‘SIP’) produced by the Trustees has been followed during the year to 31 March 2021. This statement has been produced in accordance with The Pension Protection Fund (Pensionable Service) and Occupational Pension Schemes (Investment and Disclosure) (Amendment and Modification) Regulations 2018 and the guidance published by the Pensions Regulator.

    Download the Implementation Statement

    Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) statement

    This report outlines how the Trustees of the 电竞竞猜外围 UK Pension Scheme have established and maintained oversight and processes to satisfy that the climate-related risks and opportunities, which are relevant to the Scheme, are appropriately considered by all stakeholders involved in the day-to-day management of the Scheme.

    Download the TCFD statement

    DC Chair's Statement

    The Trustees of the 电竞竞猜外围 UK Pension Scheme produce an annual statement, signed by the Chair of the Trustees, covering how the Trustees have met legal requirements relating to the governance of the defined contribution section. This Statement covers the Scheme year from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. The assets and liabilities of the defined contribution section were transferred out to a Mastertrust in February 2020 and this is the final Chair’s statement.

    Download the Chair's statement