My international career within the built environment shows a track record of innovative service offerings transforming clients’ businesses. I have facilitated their achievement of improved business outcomes through better performing assets, efficient operating teams, and effective critical systems.

I enjoy working with people who are prepared to make a change and have the courage to lead into a better way of working and create a better environment for communities.

As well as working in developed countries, my work in developing communities like the Middle East, India and Bangladesh has helped transform ways of working and creating approaches to asset management that aligns with political, social, and environmental drivers for change.

I lead ‘ Assets and Operations ’ as well as ‘ People and Organisations ’ with a team of 20 management consultants across the Australasian region. I service clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, and work with the people who operate or use their assets. My clients have spanned multiple national, state and local governments, as well as tier one corporations in aviation, energy, rail, highways, public transport, healthcare, commercial property, science, industry and the arts.

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