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The Crown Estate is a UK real estate business with a footprint covering much of central London’s retail and work areas, as well as having a role managing the seabed around England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As an organisation they have been sensitive to the sustainability agenda for some years, but approached 电竞竞猜外围 to help devise a strategy that would work for their unique real estate portfolio. With clients increasingly demanding spaces that promote their workers’ and customers’ wellness, while becoming more efficient in their energy use, having a portfolio-wide sustainability strategy was an essential goal.

The Crown Estate committed to improving the sustainable development outcomes across the estate’s managed assets, developments and public realm, to support the long-term value of the whole portfolio. They wanted to discover what taking a structured approach to sustainability would mean for the end-user experience, as well as the many different activities they undertake each year, from construction to refurbishment, through operations and adaptation.

Project Summary

3410 m2 green space installed to date in Central London to date

98% waste diverted from landfill during construction and demolition

12.1m sqft of real estate (Central London and Regional)

Our long-standing relationship with 电竞竞猜外围 has enabled us to deliver social and environmental benefits across our London portfolio ” Jane Wakiwaka Sustainability Manager, The Crown Estate

Developing the framework

电竞竞猜外围 has now developed and implemented the first ever sustainability framework for The Crown Estate’s Central London portfolio. Taking into account current and future environmental and socio-economic global and industry trends, the Development Sustainability Principles (DSP) set out a series of sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs) against which development projects within The Crown Estate’s Central London and regional portfolios must demonstrate outcomes. These performance requirements challenge project teams and asset managers to design, construct, refurbish and operate buildings to achieve high quality outcomes in relation to a number of themes including climate resilience, circular economy, health and wellbeing and social value.

The Crown Estate The Crown Estate

Setting new standards

电竞竞猜外围 ’s advisory role, supporting implementation and evolvement of the DSP since 2013, has contributed towards The Crown Estate establishing itself as a recognised leader in sustainability across the industry. For a business whose tenants operate some of the most beloved retail brands or significant commercial enterprises, the new strategy ensures that The Crown Estate can both offer compelling and resilient environments, while setting new standards for the real estate sector in the U.K.

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